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Holidays in southern Moravia and in Valtice is the right one not just for wine lovers. The Lednice-Valtice area and Mikulov region offer activities for families with children as well as for couples.
Chateau Valtice
Valtice Chateau was built near the former medieval castle, first mentioned in late XII century. The castle belonged to the family of Seefeld. When the estate later acquired the Liechtenstein family, they built a Renaissance chateau here. The current baroque building was begun in late XVII century by Karl Eusebius of Liechtenstein, an educated and well-traveled member of this powerful aristocratic family. Valtice became the main family residence built by leading architects (F. Carrati, G. G. Tencalla, A. and K. Erna, D. Martinelli, A. J. Ospel). The prominent Austrian architect JB Fischer von Erlach gave the chateau its final form.
Chateau Lednice
National Historic Landmark . After complicated development from a Gothic fortress through a Renaissance, Baroque and classical form survives the last reconstruction in historic Neo-Gothic style from 1846-1858. It is the work of the Viennese architect Wingelmüller and his successor Heidrich. The interior is decorated by coffered ceilings, carved paneling and door frames and separate staircases.
John’s Castle
John's Castle (1807-1810) - a romantic imitation of old castle ruins. Building, designed by Joseph Hardtmuth, was started in 1807 by Alois I Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein, but he died and it is completed three years later by his a year younger brother - John I. Joseph Prince of Liechtenstein.
Three Graces
In Boří les (woods) less than a kilometer west of Nový Dvůr (New Court)and west of Lednice, on the hill above the pond Prostření (Middle pond), rises a small empire mansion called the Temple of the Three Graces; it was built in the years 1824 – 1825 by the Liechtenstein Building Director Jan Karel Engel according to his own plans and it was decorated by Martinetti brothers. The Chapel of St. Hubert is the youngest building in the Lednice - Valtice area, it was built in 1854 according to the architect George Wingelmüller’s plans by Jan Heidrich in a clearing in Boří les, it is a neo-Gothic piling chapel dedicated to the patron of hunters - to St. Hubert.
The architect Josef Hardmuth built this unusual building in Europe in the style of Moorish architecture in the 18th and 19th centuries. The halls of Minaret formerly served the Liechtenstein family as a place for collections of oriental objects. These, unfortunately, are not accessible today, but in clear weather you can enjoy a wonderful view of the landscape from the highest gallery.
Reistna Colonnade
Reistna Colonnade is the evidence of several facts: that the Liechtensteins loved and honored each other; that they did not have as much money as it is said; and that the famous architect Josef Hadmuth was not so brilliant. The lookout colonnade began to build Alois I of Liechtenstein, but it was completed by his younger brother Jan Josef I. He missed his brothers and father, so he conceived it in memory of them. On the walls there are inscriptions written in German: "Son to his father, brother to his brothers." and "To unforgettable ancestors the only remaining son." Joseph Klieber‘s local statues represent the virtues and qualities of the former rulers.

Border Chateau
Lednice ponds are decorated with beautiful nature and architectural monuments. They were given to them by the Liechtenstein family in the early 19th century. Border Chateau was built as a summer residence for the gentry, who arrived here especially in the summer. There were not many responsibilities so from the balcony they watched the glistening pond that glittered like gold during the day, fell into a dark red fog in the evening and in the morning awoke to a sky-blue.
Aqualand Moravia is the most advanced entertainment center in the Czech Republic, which has plenty to offers for both children and adults. 20 different water slides and chutes are waiting for you. The little ones can enjoy themselves in the children's swimming pools, go on climbing nets, or mess around on Pogo Sticks, or in the playroom. At weekends there are animation programs full of fun and competition ready for them. Older and braver individuals can go on slides that really pump out adrenalin.
It seems that Weinviertel was directly created for golfers. In the unique nature and the undulating landscape of vineyards in northern Weinviertel around Poysdorf was created according to Keith Preston‘s plans a golf course on a total area of 65 hectares. The scenic hilly landscape and natural transitions between vineyards, meadows and bushy vegetation invite you to play golf and for fitness stay. Let your soul be pampered, enjoy a game of golf, excellent Poysdorf wine and kind people in the Weinviertel area. In 2006, the golf course Veltlinerland Poysdorf was awarded as the best new golf course in Austria.
Lázně Lednice na Moravě - místo přírodních krás a pohádkových zámků. Léčebné lázně Lednice - Lázeňský dům Perla- nacházející se na jižní Moravě v srdci Lednicko-valtického areálu, byly otevřeny v roce 2007 a poskytují léčebné a rehabilitační služby. Využívají účinky přírodní jodobromové minerální vody, která blahodárně působí na pohybový a oběhový systém, na neurologické nemoci, ale i na gynekologické potíže a stavy po popáleninách. V jihomoravských Lázních Lednice máte moře na dosah...
Tennis courts in Lednice
Liechtenstein trails
Liechtenstein trails take you through the entire Lednice-Valtice area, around major Liechtenstein landmarks. You can take them separately or link together in various ways as your time and energy allow. Liechtenstein bike trails have a total length of 103 km and consist of five paths in total. Their challenges are mostly low.
Prince trail 31 km
Postorna - Temple of Diana – Chapel of St. Hubert - Novy Dvur - Temple of Apollo - Ladenská alley - John’s Castle - Lednice - Pond Chateau - Hlohovec / Border Chateau - Valtice - Rajstna - Valtice
Poštorná - Dianin chrám - kaple sv. Huberta - Nový Dvůr - Apollónův chrám - Ladenská alej - Janohrad - Lednice - Rybniční zámeček - Hlohovec/Hraniční zámeček - Valtice - Rajstna - Valtice
Břeclav trail 13.5 km
Postorna / Reintal - Pohansko - Břeclav
Poštorná/Reintal - Pohansko - Břeclav
Poštorná trail 11.5 km
Postorna - Charvátská Nová Ves - Ladenská alley
Poštorná - Charvátská Nová Ves - Ladenská alej
Lednice trail 18 km
John’s Castle – Lednice - Nejdek - Red spring - Hlohovec / Border Chateau - Three Graces
Janohrad - Lednice - Nejdek - Červená studánka - Hlohovec/Hraniční zámeček - Tři Grácie
Valtice trail 24 km
Hlohovec / Border Chateau - Sedlec - Summerhouse Portz - Úvaly - Valtice / Rajstna - Celňák - Boří Dvůr
Hlohovec/Hraniční zámeček - Sedlec - Letohrádek Portz - Úvaly - Valtice/Rajstna - Celňák - Boří Dvůr
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